MAGGEY Child Care Management Software

Based in Tucson, Arizona and owned by Gale and Thomas Frank. For over 30 years we have helped owners and directors manage their centers using MAGGEY Software.

When the first MAGGEY Software was released in 1984 we had two primary intentions, save you time and save you money. We have continued to stay with that philosophy. Many of our clients have been using MAGGEY since the early 1990's. With many different packages available, our clients realize that only MAGGEY can do what is needed to help them manage their businesses successfully.

The latest MAGGEY version was released in March 2020 and included many new features. Our updates are not just patches and fixes like others companies offer. MAGGEY updates include the features and options that our clients have requested. 

While other management programs may provide some general organization and control, they will require you to spend a great deal of time entering data.  You will have to record and enter attendance information, calculate and post tution fees and overtime charges and track employee times manually.  MAGGEY Deluxe will perform these tasks completely and automatically.





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